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What is Lexis® Practical Guidance

Lexis® Practical Guidance is an online workflow-based solution that provides lawyers with the know-how and step-by-step guidance to their daily legal matters significantly reduce the time spent researching and preparing a matter.

Written by trusted local experts in Malaysia and Singapore, all Lexis® Practical Guidance materials are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in law enabling you to efficiently complete transactional matters with speed and confidence. All modules include a range of topics and give you an overview,  access to a broad collection of drafting notes, commentary, checklists, forms and precedents, cases and legislation.

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Lexis® Practical Guidance is a proven solution that enhances your practice in no time.

Turnaround - A first draft with ease
With comprehensive and trustworthy precedents and alternative clauses as your foundation, the drafting notes for each clause provides an in-depth explanation. You can complete the first draft of an agreement with ease.

Get up to speed and up-to-date in minutes
With current, concise and trusted material, hyperlinked to authoritative cases and legislation, you are empowered to dispense legal opinions. It allows you to easily deal with a variety of practical issues. Even in less familiar topics, you can also quickly find the reference and solution to help you constantly expand your business area and improve your knowledge base.

Complex procedures simplified
Lexis® Practical Guidance comes as an easy navigation flow with a simple interface anytime, anywhere. With point form checklists and visual flowcharts, you are able to confidently have all legal issues covered.

Fits your workflow intuitively
Topic and content are organised around your workflow with hyperlinks taking you directly to related documents and provides you insightful views and in-depth analysis of trending and difficult issues by experts. Whether you are a large firm focused on developing junior lawyers, or a partner in a firm keen to expand into less familiar practice areas, the power of practical content is unparalleled.

Cultivate your practice in no time
The intuitive search features, combined with links to wider LexisNexis® online research and regular legal content updates, will save you time and guide you through unfamiliar areas. Comprehensive elaboration of practical issues from a legal perspective and collection of information on legal research allows you to significantly reduce the time spent.

Up-do-date content by local experts
Lexis® Practical Guidance has brought into focus a substantial amount of expert opinions and knowledge. As practitioners and leading minds in the legal profession, they truly understand the needs and problems in different areas of the law and can really help improve work efficiency.

Designed by practice area and includes a range of topics, Lexis® Practical Guidance gives you access to a broad collection of:

• Clear and concise introductions to each topic
• Comprehensive elaboration of practical issues from a legal perspective

Practice Notes
• In-depth practical commentaries on key issues in a topic
• Step-by-step guidance to handling client matters from beginning to end
• Hyperlink to cases, legislation and other related resources
• Regularly updated to reflect developments in law and practice

Checklists & Flowcharts
• Easy-to-read point form guidance
• Visual explanation of complex legal procedures

• A wide variety of template for drafting agreements
• Written exclusively for Lexis® Practical Guidance by local experts
• Regularly updated to reflect developments in law and practice

Drafting Notes
• Explains the rationale behind a clause
• Describes the correlation to other relevant clauses
• Highlights common pitfalls
• Links to supporting cases and legislation

Alternative Clauses
• Alternative clauses for specific business situations
• Written exclusively for Lexis® Practical Guidance by local experts

Corporate laws are constantly evolving and changing. Lexis® Practical Guidance – Corporate Module allows you to keep up with ease.

The Corporate Module covers the end-to-end cycle of companies from incorporation, governance, and dissolution to mergers, funding and listing for companies on a rapid business expansion path.

Quickly understand the practical application of the law, access quality precedents with accompanying drafting notes, and enhance your project management efficiencies so you can spend the time to invest in high value client transactions with Practical Guidance – Corporate.

Staying up to date with the wide array of local Singapore employment law matters doesn’t mean you have to spend hours conducting legal research.

The Employment Module provides you with instant access to practical information and resources across topics such as recruitment, starting employment, pay benefits and tax, restrictive covenants, ending employment, employment disputes and trade unions.

Written by trusted local employment experts, they are up-to-date materials that you can rely on.

Lexis® Practical Guidance – Dispute Resolution Module covers key dispute resolution processes, offering step-by-step guidance and resources for the practice of civil litigation, arbitration, mediation and adjudication.  

The Dispute Resolution Module offers practical guidance with legal analysis that allows you to work with confidence and make the most informed decisions.

Written by trusted local experts in Singapore, all Lexis® Practical Guidance materials are continuously updated to reflect latest developments in the law and court process, enabling you to practise efficiently with speed and confidence.

We understand accessing a broad range of information sources is time consuming, inefficient and sometimes puts you at risk of using out of date information. Whatever the challenge, Lexis® Practical Guidance – Commercial module is the place to start for commercial law practitioners.

The Commercial module complements the key processes faced by commercial lawyers today, offering step-by-step guidance as well as direct links to legislation, rules, cases and other practical materials – all in the one place. It comprises variations of contract templates for boilerplate agreements along with a full range of clauses and definitions, which makes coming up with a first draft customised to your client’s needs extremely convenient.

Topics covered include International Trade, Intellectual Property, Tax and Insurance, Data Protection and Financing, catering to the wide scope commercial lawyers need to cover in their everyday work.  

Lexis® Practical Guidance – Private Client module offers step-by-step guidance for practitioners serving individuals and families on a wide variety of matters such as wills, probates, trusts and taxes. Get clear and concise insights from our team of experts that include luminaries such as Dr G. Raman and Mr T.P.B Menon. The Private Client module is an unparalleled trove of precedents with drafting notes, alternative clauses, model letters along with helpful checklists and flowcharts. By aggregating the relevant practical content and guidance you need to tackle the matter at hand, we help you make the most of your time.  When private clients ask questions, they expect answers – right away.

Lexis® Practical Guidance — IP & IT  module offers you a database of news and current materials to keep you up to date anywhere, anytime. The IP section provides full coverage of copyright, trademarks, patents and design rights matters, and comes replete with guides on application, licensing, reinstatement and deregistration procedures, as well as templates catering to myriad situations, with a clause bank for further variation. IT topics of concern are addressed in the data protection, cybersecurity, social media and e-commerce segments, while a special corporate chapter provides insight into the handling of IP & IT issues in M&As. Whether a practitioner or in-house counsel, IP & IT module has the content that allows you to stay relevant in this fast-changing field with maximum ease.

The Singapore Family Law module is the first of its kind that pioneers the importance of cases in the application of law. Lexis® Practical Guidance provides users with concise and in-depth case summaries of both landmark cases and supplemental cases in Singapore and the United Kingdom, where relevant. Such a feature will ensure users are able to access the law in minimal time but with excellent results. The Singapore Family Law module further provides family lawyers with step by step processes of the law, simplistic yet thorough overviews of the current law as well as sample precedents that can be applied and used by the practitioner by merely filling in the blanks.

The module covers topics such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorces, separations, child custodial matters, the Mental Capacity Act, family violence and the division of matrimonial assets among many others. The module is constantly being updated by our experts and hence, users will always be up to date with the state of the law and have the ability to resolve any issues that a client would have with speed and effectiveness.

Lexis® Practical Guidance Tax is a 'how-to' resource for tax practitioners, accountants and lawyers dealing with tax matters.

The module provides step-by-step guidance and best practice advice, supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms and precedents.

Lexis Practical Guidance Tax showcases suggested best practices when dealing with tax advisory, compliance and legal issues. Topics covered in the module include Equity Capital Markets, Property Tax, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Companies and Corporate Tax. 

Authored by specialist contributors from top tax, accounting and law firms, as well as in-house counsels and industry experts, Lexis Practical Guidance Tax delivers their expertise to your fingertips.

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