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Lexis Advance is an innovative online research platform that allows today’s legal professionals to access trusted research from LexisNexis® quickly and easily. Refreshingly intuitive and flexible, Lexis Advance is designed with your efficiency in mind. It provides you with access to the bigger picture – your way.

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Lexis Advance has a powerful and optimised search engine that understands both natural language and Boolean queries, so you can search legal content in whichever way feels most natural to you. Whether you decide to start from our smart single search box and use pre-and post-search filters to narrow down results, or to make the most of your research expertise by using our powerful Advanced Search Forms, Lexis Advance allows you to navigate straight to the most relevant results you need. We anticipate your research path… and accelerate it!

Lexis Advance allows you to conduct your research intuitively using clever search functionalities. From your home page, you can start your search quickly and manage your research activity efficiently with five direct access options: Publications, History, Favorites, Folders and Alerts.

From search inquiry to analysis, to insight, on a platform that anticipates your research path, you can trust your research trail will never go cold.

Key Lexis Advance functionalities:

  • Research Map: A powerful analytical tool that lets you save, manage and backtrack through prior work, compare documents and result sets, and take an overarching view of complex research trails.
  • Timeline Filter: A graphical filter that enables you to view the distribution of results over time. You can choose to filter these results by date ranges or toggle the graph to quickly narrow results.

For over 100 years, LexisNexis has delivered best in class legal content, data and analytics from the leading minds in the profession.

Designed to transform the way you conduct legal research, Lexis Advance gets you the answers you need, powered by the premium research and practical content you can rely on, faster than ever before.

Lexis Advance Features

  1. Single Search Bar

    The Red Search Box that does so much for you.

    Search across all available content — without selecting sources. Or retrieve the source(s) you want to search.

    Retrieve source documents with one click. Get the full-text documents you need using the citation or case name.

    Search with plain English or use the terms and connectors you’re comfortable with.

  2. Advanced Search Forms

    Navigate straight to the most relevant results by utilising Lexis Advance’s powerful Advanced Search Forms.

    Focus your research via the thorough advanced search fields to give you more targeted results you are after.

    Or start more broadly using the single search bar, and narrow down to the results you need using a wide range of filter options.

    You can even save the filter combinations and advanced searches that you use the most.

  3. Review your Research - History List and Research Map

    Resume past research without missing a beat.

    Your searches, search terms, documents, sent emails and other activities are automatically saved in your History for up to 90 days.

    Review your history as a list or get a graphical map view where you can re-trace your search and refine search, compare search results and find more, similar documents.

  4. Timeline Filter

    A graphical filter that enables you to view the distribution of results over time.

    You can choose to filter these results by date ranges or toggle the graph to quickly narrow results.

  5. Customisable Homepage

    Design your homepage your way by adjusting each of the pods accordingly.

    Enjoy easy access to History, Recent Searches and Documents, Folders, Favourites, and Alerts, enabling you to customise where you want to start.

  6. Annotations and Highlights

    You can now annotate documents and highlight text before saving which allows you a more personalised research.

    Save a selected portion of the document or the entire document according to your research.

  7. Copy and Paste with Hyperlinks

    Save time with the ability to simply paste text with hyperlinks into an e-mail or document, and feel confident knowing that you can access the source.

    When you copy citation, the copied citation can include a hyperlink to the judgment.

    Use copy with citation to copy the selected text with the hyperlinked citation included below the text so you can return easily to the source.

  8. Online Folders that Increase your Effectiveness

    Save and sort what’s important to you in online Folders — documents, text, even search results and effective searches.

    Be notified automatically if folder documents have changed.

  9. Flexible Alert Options

    Have more control on your updates without being overwhelmed.

    Setup is easy as you can now "pause" or create future Alert.

  10. Mobile Access that Doesn't Require an App

    Choose the mobile device - smartphone, tablet or laptop and Lexis Advance screens automatically adapt to fit your device.

Content That Inspires Confidence

Benefit from seamless access to unrivalled authoritative research content, including:

  • Singapore’s complete legislation solution, providing comprehensive coverage of full text legislation with a fully integrated Citator tool.
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore providing a succinct narrative statement of core areas of law and practice.
  • Regularly updated secondary materials such as Atkin’s Court Forms Singapore, Civil Practice in Singapore and Malaysia, Criminal Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia, Evidence and the Litigation Process, Singapore Court Practice, Woon’s Corporations Law and many more.
  • Comprehensive coverage of International Case Law such as All Commonwealth Cases, Legislation, Forms & Precedents, Journals, Legal Updates and News.

Join our monthly “Lexis Advance - Research Made Easy Lab” to maximise your research experience with Lexis Advance® Singapore. These sessions will guide you through Lexis Advance® to utilise the platform to best suit your needs.

What to expect?

1 Hour + 30 Min Registration

LexisNexis Singapore Office - 3 Killiney Road, #08-08 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519


  • Conduct your search more efficiently with the simple and flexible search tool
  • Tips and tricks to get optimum results from your research
  • Increase productivity over a shorter time

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