Student Ambassador

As an organization, we partner law schools to offer the support that is needed to nurture talent and provide opportunities for students to learn more than what they currently do in the classroom. As a LexisNexis Student Ambassador, you will be part of our team, working with us to be our “voice” in your campus. Once appointed, you will serve as an important link between the entire student body and LexisNexis for a minimum term of twelve (12) months.

What is a LexisNexis Student Ambassador?

A LexisNexis Student Ambassador is someone who has:

  • Excitement and pride for LexisNexis.
  • A desire to work with students of your school
  • Skills and enthusiasm to present to groups
  • The ability to problem solve, think on your feet, and be flexible under pressure
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional demeanor, ability to work well under minimal, yet specific supervision
  • Matured, is self-motivated and a quick learner
  • Excellent command of the English language

Job Description

As a LexisNexis Student Ambassador, you will:

  • Be the LexisNexis online legal research expert in your school
  • Be well versed with relevant LexisNexis publications for your law school subjects
  • Represent LexisNexis in at least two(2) major events within your school by working with us to create awareness and value for our products
  • Work with us to create one (1) major project for your school and possibly other law schools across the region
  • Conduct at least two (2) training workshops for students of your school on how to conduct legal research via LexisNexis


The LexisNexis Student Ambassador will:

  • Be trained on the use of our legal research platforms, our publications and our social media strategies
  • Be given an opportunity to train our clients – practicing lawyers on effective legal research, providing you with exposure to the work environment
  • Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification
  • Earn a letter of recommendation upon completion of your term, endorsing you as a worthy candidate for hire
  • Receive a SGD500 LexisNexis book voucher as a gesture of our appreciation for your contribution

How to sign up

  • Send a copy of your CV to
  • We will contact you once your application has been approved and will advise you of the time and date of your induction.